How to use the Cellular Internet with less charge of money in 6 ways

We all know that the current system Wi Fi almost be found anywhere, but are not sure those Wi Fi can process smoothly. However, some places there is a Wi Fi service, but it won't work. So we still can not avoid the use of the Internet connection SIM intact.

In this article, I want to introduce you with some tips that can make help you with less charge of money than usual by using Sim Card cellular internet.This is the key for iPhone operating system with iOS9.

1- Off Cellular Data Usage in iCloud 

You go to Settings = iCloud =iCloud Drive after closing the Use Cellular Data to keep it not to eat money when transferring data into iCloud Drive when no Wi-Fi.

2- Disable the automatic download for use Cellular Data 

You can go to Settings =App and iTunes Stores already dragged down a bit and click off the Use Cellular Data.

3- Disable Wi-Fi Assist function

You can go to Settings = Cellular and off Wi-Fi Assist.

4- Closing some programs which is using the Internet

If any programs that you think should not use the Internet, you may be turned off by going to Settings = Cellular and you can shut down any programs immediately.


5- Off Background App Refresh function

You can disable this functionality so that it automatically jump Refresh program, and when using Facebook or Twitter, it will automatically Refresh money and the Internet like this should be shut down.

6- Off cellular Data when stop using the Internet

This point, when you stop using the Internet connection is to be shut down, some users less care because thought that when not use the Internet, it does not charge, but in fact it will also charge some money.

These few points above, you can use the Internet with less charging your money . Moreover, it also depends on your usage you watch videos or surf the Internet. If you use more it will charge you more as well.

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