Top 10 e-mail program that best for Android

We know that e-mail communication is used for a long time ago. Arrival of this new technology era version e-mail updates, and more user-friendly than the first with a different e-mail program. Today there are  best 10 e-mail program for Android. And e-mail programs, which we will present this can also let you use multiple e-mail accounts in a single tool.


1- AOSP Email

Email app AOSP this mainly existing on Android devices we can use with Gmail also Yahoo mail also arrived today, it also has a version update more and better than before, but it is not possible that we might use with e-mail, some not.

2- Gmail

Gmail is Google's most popular applications that are easy to use and interface screen is easy to use, and it's only available with a Gmail account. Download here

3- MY Mail

E-mail program that we can use with other accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and AOL. Download here

4- Blue Mail

This email is not only available on Android devices, but it can also be used on smart watches. Download here

5- Ru

A program that we can use the e-mail account the other hand, it also gets too high Rating in Google Play Store. Download here

6- Email for Exchange - Mail Wise

The software is also easy to use secret e-mail program mentioned above. It not only allows us to register with multiple accounts, but it also allows us Privacy on our e-mail. Download here

7- Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail, Google's also a program that we can get the message from a Gmail account. Download here

8- Aqua Mail

E-mail program has a 2 version is a free version and a Pro Version. Free Version can register only one account for the Pro version is a lot that we can register an account. Download the free version here

9- Mailbox

Mailbox Internet pregnant white Facebook can easily view and download to use for free. Download here

10- Yahoo Mail

For this latest program is for users of Yahoo accounts, it has Facebook Internet easy to use, unlike Gmail app. download here

With these applications you can use multiple e-mail accounts on the same device easily even though personal account or user account, it is not difficult as before.

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  1. This is nice tutorial for Android, but I am using IOS, I think I should upgrade one to Android. Blog Supporter


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