Top 5 smartphones that will launch in early 2016

Every early New Year coming, major technology events always held, and it is also a time that big companies have unveiled its new products particularly is the top of the smart phones.

According to estimates at the beginning of 2016 at least 5 top model of smartphones that will show up, and according to rumors, it has its own special properties.

1- Asus Zenfone 3


Zenfone is a smartphone that has good properties a cheap prominent, and we really can not wait, whether Zenfone 3 there will be something special. We expected that the phone will come equipped with USB fingerprint scanner C buffer.

2- HTC One M10

HTC One M9 can not earn as much as income to the company like One M8, and therefore likely to be equipped with many special things on the phone. Solid metal body combined buffer Quad HD screen and a fingerprint scanner can be a feature of this phone.

3- LG G5

LG may abandon its body resin plastic / leather and to choose the metal, and as well equipped with several features such as a buffer scanned finger on the back of the phone screen size of 5.6-inch QHD camera 21 Mega pixels and uses the chip Snapdragon 820 and so on.

4- Samsung Galaxy S7


Galaxy S7 would likely not have a shape different from S6 a lot, but it will have properties more like the screen Force Touch, RAM 4GB, using chip Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820 rear camera of 20 Mega pixels and a USB socket type C and so on.

5- Sony Xperia Z6

Sony's traditionally always top once every half a year Hence, it is quite possible that Xperia Z6 will be released in early 2016. For its properties, we are a bit difficult to predict from generation to generation, it's not too much difference, but we wait and see.

Wait and see whether all of the top five phone would qualify as what they predict, or what? Some phones will be available in early January some different date in late February.

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