4 additional places to go in Kep and Kampot of Cambodia

Kampot and Kep is a territory next to a quiet sea that is  rich in natural treasure, resorts, waterfall mountain, river and many entertainment venues for relaxation.

Each time to Kampot and Kep visitors almost everyone always remember the special a famous Seafood crabs and Kampot fish sauce those are very popular. In addition to entertainment at beach in Kep visitors also can relax in the waterfall Teuk Chhou, durian plantation, Bokor Mountain...

But in this post I will lead you to visit other 4 different places that you should not miss  in Kampot and Kep of Cambodia

1. Boating and Kayaking 

Many resort in Kampot province, especially along the freshwater canal of Kampot. Houses or bungalows built in Khmer traditional of wooden and at the side  nearby there is a nice view of the fields, especially landscape make resorts are located next to the the mouth of the creek become very favorable to visitors that they can swim and do Kayaking.

You can then rowed around the resort, but we recommend to try rowing small creek to the street Green Cathedral Loops, which is the focal point of a small creek about 2 to 2 and a half hours.
You can try this fun activities at Les Manguiers Kompot or Champa Lodge Resort.

2. Rabbit Island

When it comes to the island in Kep, do not forget to Rabbit Island, national and international guests. Travel out of the saddle by boat for about 20 minutes, you will encounter sandy beach stretches offing filled with coconut trees. Rabbit Island is a delightful place for a family vacation or a gathering of friends.

Apart from the main swimming beach (boat landing ports), you can go sightseeing (Trekking) around the island to the small beaches.

Even more special than the other, you should not miss to fishing by boat to neighboring islands, do Kayaking and Snorkeling, seeing fish and flowers and relaxing massage on the beach, enjoy the sunset on the island.
Stay on the island of 1 or 2 nights and for accommodation and food, you do not need to worry on the island.

3. To watch the sunset at Phnom Voar and visiting pepper plantations

In addition to the beaches and islands, Kampot doesn't end entertainment for you. Moving spectacle to mountain forests absorb fresh air and watch the sunset at Phnom Voar, about 15 kilometers from Kep led by the villagers there.

To take effective and more fun, we recommend you to visit Phnom Voar afternoon return into a holiday resort there, such as The Vine Retreat Resort, and when the next morning, you can go trekking at durian or pepper plantations, vegetable plantations there. You can eat food, particularly fresh vegetables planted there.

4. Pub Street in Kampot

It is not crowed like Pub Street in Siem Reap, bars, shops and pubs sort a long the Riverside lined street in this quiet town, highlighted and decorated with lights, accompanied by soft music create an atmosphere refreshing and delightful.

Want to change the atmosphere a little bit, we recommend a bar, located on the ship had set the table the lower small car tires and thin sheets for floor seats. Small mixing bulb decorations highlight bar boat is sold as a snack food and a variety of beverages.
If you reach Pub street in Kampot province do not forget to go to bars on the boat.

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