8 advantages of countdown and New Year celebration at home

At New Year day, a lot of people around the world enjoyed going out and far to the popular places, meet friends out so that they can celebrate what the world called "countdown and New Year celebration" happily.

But, I found out a man on facebook, He wrote this below. It is simply funny on how he has different thought for countdown and New Year celebration. He wrote in my language but I would love to translate in English.

When you read may you think that ha only once a year and it is very important day, and you properly think going out is the best that is ok. In here it is just for fun and sometimes for those would like to compare which one is better to do.

So, enjoy reading all together.

1. Do not need to ride in the thronged streets that can make us feel mad and lose our happiness atmosphere.

2. At home is safer than outside the home (but do not forget to lock the door).

3. Do not care about makeup or what dress to wear, because we can do whatever we feel at home.

4. Do not have to find excuses when the old friends asked why you can not find girlfriend or boyfriend!
(For a single).

5. Can eat freely and do anything we love such as listening to music, playing game, and flexible  to what gestures we want to do such as chipping teeth or trigger nasal asteroid at home.

6. Not worry about an alarm tone, or phone call nearly 10 times a minute and curse your parents or people at home are waiting to open the door for us.

7. When the time reach 00 immediately is that we can turn our eye to sleep immediately different from those in the outside need to spend driving  home with tiredness.

8. Saving a lot of money on gasoline, makeup, food, and car safe.

Happy New Year to everyone. Prosperity and peace for you in the New Year 2016. 

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