Anniversary holiday in Sihanoukville in Cambodia

Two days already my wife, my son and I have been in Sihanoukville province to celebrate my ten years anniversay. We have not been to Sihanoukville nearly for two years so far and we have missed it so much. But now Bravo we could make it to be here in the best place of our favorite places in our lives to relax.

We are so happy and excited for our ten year wedding anniversary that we have been through together as husband and wife to build a small family and after six year-marriage we've been so blessed with a thankful, and handsome son.

So, we had planned for our special and valuable moment to Sihanoukville or Krong Preah Sihanouk to celebrate, remind and thanks to each other for the ten year lives of our marriage.

So, in this article, I would love to write what we did and are going to do for 4 days here in Sihanoukville.

We had planned this for a month before coming to real. We booked one of very popular hotels in Sihanoukville online with named Grand Sihanoukville Hotel, where there are a lot of foreigners staying. It has swimming pool because we three love swimming pool.

We arrived Sihanoukville on the 24th of February at 01 pm and we settled in the hotel and we have enjoyed everything in it. We took a rest for a few hours and then we went to the Orcheuteal beach.

We had some seafood a long the beach together and we also enjoyed swimming so much especially my son Elijah. We really had a good evening time at the beach at the first day and then we were back to the hotel, and spent a little for dinner and swim in the swimming pool and we slept well.

Second day today, the 25th of Feb, got up in the morning and we really enjoyed the breakfast that provided free from the hotel we staying and at the noon time we swam again when to have lunch at the beach again.

What is the special thing we did today, and we never done together before, we rent bikes from the hotel and cycled around the city and the beaches.

It was a little tired for us, but it is a great experience to do together my wife, son and I. We tied a pillow in the front of my bike for my beloved son to sit on so that we can cycle around because the bike we rent there was no seat.

Finally, we had fun to go around by bicycle, good to see more places in Sihanoukville and also could do exercise too. We back to the hotel by taking our bikes a long the beach and enjoyed the moment and people a long the beaches.

We had great time for two days now.

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