Cambodia beach holiday ideas

The beaches in Cambodia has known as the most beautiful bay in the Southeast Asia region that stretching from Koh Kong, Sihanouk, Kampot and Kep provinces of Cambodia.

There are many websites that have ranked the beaches in Cambodia to their top list in Asia such as; that mentioned about the beaches in Cambodia is the best and favorite places must go.

For myself, Sihanoukville is my favorite place to relax. I love the beaches and things in this small city. As I am writing this article is when I am staying in Sihanoukville for my anniversary and I love my moment and time for 4 days here.

So, in this article I just would love to share a little tips that can help you before coming on Cambodia beach holiday.

Things you should do first before coming on the Cambodia beach holiday is to book place to stay. There are many hotels, inns, guesthouses in Sihanoukville and other beaches places. You can do it online. The best deal websites go to
With this online booking, mostly you will get a good deal for your stay.

Best time to come on Cambodia beach holiday: is from November to March. It is a dry season in Cambodia and is when the weather is good for beach time and sunbathing.

Extra- things you can do while on the beach holiday:

  1. You can arrange to go around the city with bicycle. It cost only 3 US dollars per day
  2. Motorbike renting service is also provided with 6 US dollars per day not included gasoline.
  3. Boat service to islands around arranged by where you staying with the price ranked fro 20- 25 US dollars per day.  
 Wish you have a best time ever on your Cambodia beach holiday.

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