Cambodian wedding traditions - typically wedding ceremony in Cambodia

Every countries have their own typical way to celebrate wedding. In this post I would love to bring you to aware of some typical way of wedding in Cambodia.

Talking about wedding in Cambodia, it will surprise you as you are not Cambodian. Cambodia has its own special traditional wedding ceremony.

Traditional dress for groom and bride "Morning celebration"

What I said it will surprise you, because there are many different programmes in this ceremony and also including groom and bride's dresses and the way guests attending.

Totally, wedding in Cambodia must spend one day or little more longer, since evening time of a day before real day ceremony till another day night time, finished by guests reception and party.

Here some activities of wedding ceremony

  1. An evening a day before big day ceremony, groom and bride and their family must come together and celebrate a program called "Blessings" that is done by Buddhist monks and priest. In this programme groom and bride need a kind of dress as well. It takes about one or two hours for this programme. And also this evening both groom and bride family will prepare a lot of things such as food, fruit packing for tomorrow programme.
  2.  In the next really early morning, groom and bride must get up very early in the morning about 3 or 4 O'clock in the morning to makeup and dress up. Groom and bride must change clothes many time because at least ten set of wedding dresses are set up.
  3. The morning starts, guests start to come and the first celebration in the morning is "Fruit Marching". Guests hold a pair of fruits and walk a little far from the bride house so that they can march back. 
    Fruit Marching

    Bride welcoming groom
  4. After this will be a short break to allow guests have breakfast and the groom and bride change another set of cloth before the main programme of wedding celebration.
  5. After breakfast many guests will go back to their houses. Only closed relationship guests and relatives and family will stay and join the program. In the main programme in the morning, there are many celebration such as "Fruit counting", "Groom and bride's representative negotiation", "A blessing from parents", "Advice from the priest", "officially announcement for a new couple"...etc.


All the main programme will be finished in the whole morning, Afternoon time, groom and bride will have time for going out and shooting photos at some places around where their celebration are that most people considered are the most beautiful places.

Evening time is a reception or a party time. All guests, relatives, family were invited will come and join the wedding party. This programme mostly is prepared at restaurant. Before wedding happened, hundred guests are invited by groom and bride parents, some wedding could be thousands, it depends on rich or poor household.

Party time, guests dress and picture with groom and bride

During reception, guest just join and eat foods and dance and mostly it is a big meal ever....

But thing is, here it is kind a business. All guests must pay money after, So it can be paid to restaurant owner from those guest money. And bride family also must be prepared also if the money from guests are not enough for paying the party so they will add more.

Some wedding can earn some income but some will loose income :-)

Note: Guests, relatives, family who join the wedding also need to wear nice and special dresses especially women.

So, here it is just a review about a typical wedding ceremony in Cambodia.

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