Cambodia resort - Kep city - Kep Butterfly garden where less people has known

Beautiful butterfly garden in Kep that is one part for tourists attraction, but most of the domestic tourist less known and hardly-ever reach for sightseeing of butterflies breeding has became very naturally interested and tourists should not go pass this place if you are going to visit Kep city.

The resort that seems to be hiding in the house of peace in the woods with good natural atmosphere and its beauty is located in Tang Samrong village Kep city. To get there you must travel from independence monument in Kep city about 700 meters up to Kep National park at the hill of the mountain, you'll see a sign is written in a foreign language that «Kep Butterfly garden».

There, a long the garden richs in flowers and plants including wooden Khmer style houses where it looks like the best accommodation ever to stay. There is a stream as well nearby flows down with a little move  mixed with sound of birds that  really make travelers who arrive  there feeling refreshed, relaxed in harmony. It is a good place for who prefers and wish to be around real nature.


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