Travel and food Cambodia - wild mushroom you've never tried

If you travel to Cambodia, you can explore about its foods that sometimes it will be amazing for your trip and can be a fun things to do in Cambodia too.

Foods that Cambodian people eat, there are different from different places such as the wild mushroom in the video below it has only in places where having the forest.

As I grew up in the Kampong cham province of Cambodia for more than 10 years and after that another 10 years in Phnom Penh of Cambodia, I had never eaten this kind of mushroom.

But, while I move to live and work in the Northern location of Cambodia called Stung Treng province that located and bordered with Lao, I started to try many different local foods I never had before.

Such as this mushroom in the video. Local people called this mushroom "bird egg" because it look like a kind of bird eggs.

It has only once a year while the first rain in the rainy season poured down. Local people hurriedly go into the wood to find it to consume and sell in the markets.

This mushroom has its special taste and juice inside of it. When we eat it, outside taste it is kind like a coconut flesh.

It can be boiled with little salt to eat or put as a ingredient to many kind of  Cambodian soup.

So, you are invited to enjoy with this video and sometimes if you come to visit Cambodia at the same time of this mushroom, and at local where have it, you can try it :-)

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