Cambodia resort - Kampot province - New adventure experince in Kampot

Kampot province is one of many tourist attraction destinations in Cambodia. Because of its nature potentiality, and richness recently a new tourist sight was established to meet local and international tourist needs.

Recently, I was really excited to visit this place and was so amazing to have new adventure experience of my traveling. So, I would love to suggest all of you do not forget to go and visit this new tourist service in Kampot.

River Park , which has been operating since Tuesday, March 15, 2016. This past attracted National and international tourists to visit and enjoy an adventure of cable riding across the river, and attracted large crowd local and foreigners during last Khmer New Year.

With a nice seating along the canal from Kampot tree, riding bike on the string, walking on bamboo stairs up to the top and ride the cable across a distance of about 200 meters, that makes visitors an entertaining with excited and extremely happy in the pure atmosphere and the beauty of mangrove forests and big and small mountain ranges along the Bokor mountain.

If you have yet to visit Kampot provice, please do not forget about this new place. It is very scary ride the cable pulley cross the canal, but it is very beautiful scenery of the canal.

It is located in the Mak Prang commune, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province the same path to Teuk Chhou resort is about 4 kilometers from the concret bridge, Kampot.

Price for cable riding is only 5 US dollars. You will enjoy your time there. :-)

Check some photo from this new adventure services:

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