3 best hotels in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia

Choosing the right hotel is a key to prompting our trip full of good memories. Recently a big Travel website TripAdvisor has rated the 3 best hotels in Phnom Penh based on the best and warm services, foods and beautiful designation of each hotel and furniture, wide parking, friendly staffs...etc

3. IRoha Garden Hotel & Resort

It is a three-star hotels and resorts where has an external courtyard swimming pool and a large garden where guests feel like stay in a wide private White House . The hotel also offers a meeting hall and picnic food and wine.

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One guest said: "It is a mysterious pearl, located away from the noise in the city. Rooms here are very nice and you can look at swimming pools and beautiful landscaped gardens. "

Address: 73 # 8 Bassac

2. Hotel La Rose (La Rose Suites) 

It is a 5-star hotel that has 25 luxurious rooms. The hotel ranked number two by the caring staffs including very comfortable rooms along with a beautiful pool and courtyard in the hotel.

One customer said: "We have never stayed in a room like this. Our room was comfortable and very spacious. This is where the most beautiful and comfortable. "

Address: # 4B 21 Bassac

1. Arunreas Hotel (Sunrise hotel)

This is a four-star luxury hotel, designed in beautiful and attractive. The hotel has been ranked the highest quality staff,  attractive rooms design and meals that make each guests great taste.

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Customers who stayed here said: "The room we stayed in was beautiful, spacious and hygienic. The restaurant in the hotel itself offers the best French Cuisine. "

Address: # 63, Street 51 Pastor 

Wish you all have a great time in Phnom Penh city of Cambodia :-)

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