3 the most luxurous and expensive restaurants in Phnom Penh

There are so many restaurants and food places where you can enjoy eating meal in town of Phnom Penh Cambodia. But if you are a person who is a luxury favorite and would love to find the best one in Phnom Penh we recommend 3 restaurants that ranking on TripAdvisor recently:

So check it out  and find them through the address we provided below:

1. Sokhema (Khema)

A new restaurant that serves European food and red wine. It is located in Arun Ras hotel (mean the sun rises hotel). This restaurant was rated No. 1 because it provides great foods that attracting so many travelers and local people with a reasonable price.

Address: # 63, Street 51 vitheibastr
Opening hours: 6 am - 10 pm

 Link to Sokhema restaurant

2. Jasmine (MALIS)

A restaurant which is famous for a long time, has provided Asian Khmer cuisine and seafood. Although the restaurant is expensive, but a lot eaters satisfied by the taste of Khmer food flavor plus excellent services.

Address: # 136 Norodom Blvd
Opening hours: 6 am - 10 pm

 Link to Jasmine restaurant

3.  Topaz

 A French restaurant that sells seafood, steak and other foods. The restaurant gained fame because of the atmosphere and the luxury of decoration, plus a taste of French food that eaters get the most satisfaction.

Address: # 162 Norodom Boulevard Bassac

Link to Topaz restaurant


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