How to control the computer via smartphone using Chrome Remote Desktop

This is called Chrome Remote Desktop, a program to facilitate communication between your phone or tablet to the computer. It is easy to use Chrome Browser and other consumption have on your PC with no problems , quick and easy as possible.

After you download this software, you can continue to follow the instructions in the program properly, then you will be able to use Chrome Browser and other consumption that is on your computer, or the command was on the phone and tablet immediately but require a computer must be in process also can be used.

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  • You need a computer and smartphone running the Android 4.0 and iOS7 and higher generation 
  • Computers and smartphones require Internet connection 
  • Need a gmail account  
How to install and use:
You must first install the Extension for Chrome browser  Click here

Then to chrome://apps and open the Chrome Remote Desktop app

And it will issue a tab for you to log in to your Gmail account.

Next, you need to click the Enable remote Connections to open the process to attach

It will require you to pin 6

Then it will jump out following names

Flagship or on smartphones
You need to download the program from your operating system

*** Click here for iOS
*** Click here for Android

You must log in to gmail account on the computer that you log in, too

When log in and remember a forgotten name, it will jump out immediately

And you can click the PIN that has already been created before, and Connect

Then it will connect immediately and you can control on the computers and smartphones the same way.

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