How to live videos on normal user Facebook account

For several months, a normal Facebook user account have been waiting for Live functions on Facebook, According to the estimation, it could continue even longer. Nonetheless, now we have a new way that will allow us to live video on Facebook account in real time by using a program called MSQRD.

These kind of live app it is not the same as BIGO Live, but it will be broadcast live video on Facebook and we can also change the play looks very similar to Snapchat.

Demand for our Live account
  • IPhone and iPad from iOS 8.4 up to (Android unavailable) 
  • There is a Facebook account 
  • Web links to Internet-speed  

How to Live
  • MSQRD downloads from the AppStore by clicking here 
  • Open it up, and then click Sign in with Facebook 
  • Click column Live on the left side and we can tell a little bit related to the Live at Describe your live video. We can also change the Privacy also to the Public (sight) or Friends (only friends only see). During our Live, we can also change our image through special filters diverse than live page! 

Let's try it out to live videos on your Facebook account, it is also easy to use. In addition, we also have the option to keep the video, which was broadcast live, or even delete it. And let's emphasize again that it was only available on iOS! Whereas Android users is to wait.

Also emphasized that the program for image filters such diverse Snapchat was purchased by Facebook since March, that is why we were able to play Live on Facebook very easy.

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