Try to travel in countryside in Cambodia - Epic adventure

May a lot of tourists around the world have realized and known Cambodia and would love to come because they are attracted by good places, such as Angkor Wat temple, temples visit, the nice beach in Cambodia or cheap night life in the great towns but in this my post, I would love to bring the opposite sights from Cambodia that less attraction but great experience.

Epic adventure

My friend and his team had an great opportunity to do epic adventure to the Northern part of Cambodia where there is no doctor place in the 21 century. A lot of tribal people living and they are poor and far access to health care services.

What they did, just brought a medical team to serve those people with love and smile. I really love the charity work. There are a lot of places are poor to health care access in Cambodia, so this activities are so beneficial for those people.

Traveling through the forest

I have experienced bringing medical team to some places in my country, love to see how poor people reacted and pleased to what they never had in life.

I am so proud to my friend's team who sacrificed their time, strength, comforting life to go to these places with love and hard work especially they needed to go through difficulties on their great travel.

Above just would love to impress to what my friend and team have done. I also would love you all to see the big picture of Cambodian countryside too and how people like my friend and team can do and enjoy they travel.

My friend made a video about what they have experienced and done, especially their traveling enjoyment.

This is how my friend enjoying his work and traveling in the Cambodian countryside.

Hope you will enjoy with us and will love my Cambodia countryside.


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