Try Eating grilled beef in Cambodia - Eating guide

Talking about grilled cow, my mouth is watering again. It is simply known as very popular and special food around Cambodia. It is a higher class food with a little expensive than other normal food selling in the restaurants. If you want to eat cheap in Cambodia, this will not the one you can afford.

Grilled cow is a food that the whole cow's body are taken to grilled and after that it is sliced to be parts and be taken to more grilling.

What is very special about grilled cow/beef?

It is eaten with a sauce made of Prahok (preserved salty fishes for longer use in Cambodia), foreigners usually do not like its smell, but some who live and work in Cambodia for longer time they love it.

ទឺកប្រហុក Prahok sausce

Prahok sauce mixed and the grilled beef is on the plate

Grilled beef with vegetables and sauce are ready to serve

In the sauce is mixed with slices of lemongrass, lemon juice, and grunt peanuts. It is also eaten with some kind of vegetable as you can see in the video.

A plate you seeing in the video it is cost 20000 riel = 5 US dollars and it is enough for two-three people.

It is good to be with friend or family occasionally

Enjoy with full video in Youtube click here:

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