Try eating cheap in Cambodia - 5 US dollars a day

Cambodia have been ranked to be a cheaper country to expend for tourists in its region and the world. You can check some tourism websites about the details

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With beds for £1 and lip-smacking food for less than that, Cambodia is so cheap you can feel guilty for paying so little. Where once travellers often feared to tread, Cambodia is now very much on the Southeast Asia travel scene, particularly among backpackers and, increasingly, holidaymakers looking for five-star luxury without the price tag.
In this post, I just would like to bring some eating guide tips that can help you to cut down your expense while visiting Cambodia, especially for backpackers and those who would love to save some money from eating around.

Actually, if you are luxurious person would love the best places with higher expense, there are also places in Cambodia you can do so for eating, staying and entertaining around.
The most-luxurous-and-expensive hotels in Phnom Penh

Yet, there are also travellers who would love just to spend low but also enjoying traveling and staying in Cambodia and the same getting great experiences.

So, below are the eating tips you can do it for by 5 US dollars = 20000 Riel or for less than this price.

Eating from the food stores in the market

Food in the market in Cambodia in Stung Treng province. 1.25 US dollar for 1 bowl of rice and a kind of food
If your budget limited only 5 US dollars a day, do not hesitate to go to have your meals at any markets in Cambodia. In Phnom Penh such as Orrusey Market, Russian Market...It is a normal market. You just head to the food court or stores you can enjoy with cheaper local foods.

Mostly all the store there will be many local foods you can choose with rice.

Eating rice with fried pork, chicken and egg


It is a locally popular food with. a low cost. It costs only 5000 or 6000 Riel= 1.25 or 1.50 US dollar only per plate. Rice with fried chicken usually is a little bit more expensive than pork and egg.

Eating Chinese, Vietnamese or Lao noodle 


It is very simple meal you could drive. It is served with pork, beef, chicken and meatball or fish ball. Mostly they are easily found everywhere in the markets or some small restaurants or canteens. You can enjoy with only 5000 - 8000 Riel=1.25-2 US dollars per bowl.

Eating food on the carts


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There are food carts on the street or at free space at any places. It is the lowest food you can crab and enjoy. You can find fried noodle, fried rice or a lot of more things...

Wish you have a great time in Cambodia !

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