Grateful for Parents in Cambodian society - my opinion

Expressing grateful to parents is one of many meant culture in Cambodia. Parents are counted to be very grateful who gave our birth and took care of us, fed us, protected us, supported us till we left their responsibility.

While we have our own family, they are still part of our lives, taking care of our children, giving advises…etc. So, through the huge sacrificed things they had done, we are children must pay them gratefulness.

What ways Cambodian children can pay gratefulness to their parents?

We have noticed that there are a few ways that Children in Cambodia express gratefulness to their parents especially when they are old.

  • Giving some money to parents or buying some good foods for them to eat: A lot of children and families do it. They gave some money they had to their parents regularly or some children do it during big festivals such as Khmer New Year, Pjum Benh… or even while they go to visit hometown (Children who live apart from parents).

  •  Having parents a bath: Having parent a bath is one thing that children think it is a way to show parents gratefulness. It is mostly seen during the third day of Khmer New Year celebration.

  • Shaving hairs while parents pass away: Shaving hairs during parents’ funeral is one thing to show or pay back parents gratefulness. 

These are some ways of Cambodian culture about how to express or show back parents gratefulness.

 My son was in year 2

In my opinion, these above are good for paying back our parents gratefulness, but it must be more ways to do it as we are children. We can pay our parents’ gratefulness through our lives.

  • Live our lives in good deeds: Never made hard time for parents and family such as associating to bad friends who will lead us down for the future.
  • Listen to and obey our parents
  • Help all possible works of our parents
  • Love our parents and family wholeheartedly
  • Respect parents
  • Try all the best to study

So, our lives is a lot better than just activities we can do for expressing our parents’ gratefulness. Live our lives right is a big blessing and peace to our parents and family. Thanks 

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