Try Phnom Penh 10 the best coffee shops

Spending time in the nice and modern coffee shops in Phnom Penh has become a popular trend for Phnom Penh residents, especially for the Phnom Penh young people.

Coffee shop is a good business startup and increasing like a mushroom in Phnom Penh town of Cambodia. They are places that is good for meeting, relaxing, enjoying time for many people hobbies and enjoying with each coffee shop designation and style.

So, I would love to bring you  the Phnom Penh 10 the most popular and the best coffee shops for those who live in Phnom Penh or just visiting loving coffee as your life.

Gloria Jean​’s

Great services. Nice and kind staffs, quiet, natural and comfortable environment, and great for your meeting, relaxing.

More information: Gloria Jean’s

Costa Coffee

Comfortable and stylish place. Great for adult people and student who would love to spend with quiet environment for study, work or business discussion

More information: Costa Coffee 

Café Le Conteneur

Very creative design out of containers and some old spare part to designate as shop become very attracting to who would love to have different sight

More information: Café Le Conteneur 

Bene Caffe

Designing as Korean style, drinking coffee and eating ice cream with Korean music

More information: Caffe Bene 

Brown coffee

attractive designation, great very popular with young people, a little bit busy and plenty people

More information: Brown Coffee

T&C coffee

Good service and good for all age people and also provide many kind of food

More information: T&C Coffee 

Nom Cafe

Quiet environment and good for meeting and working. It is co working coffee place

More information: Nom Café​ 


For those who love something brand

More information: Starbucks

Tini cafe & Bar

Khmer modernization designation and great environment

More information: Tini Bar + Cafe 

Park coffee

Providing coffee with breakfast, lunch and dinner

More information: Park Café 

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