Try eating steaming sticky rice and Duck BBQ - Lao food in Cambodia

Hello, I am ready to bring you with another what people in the northern region of Cambodia are enjoy eating. It is called steaming sticky rice with BBQ.

Sticky rice in Khmer tradition is used to make mostly desserts, some kind of cakes, but in Laos it is used to cook as normal rice to eat.

In the below video, you will enjoy seeing we were making steaming sticky rice and duck BBQ for our family lunch. It was so delicious. Also seeing how can we steam the sticky rice.

You also can find it in some restaurants in Stung Treng town of Cambodia that will serve this dish or you can also get it in the market as street food. In the market mostly you can find steaming sticky rice wrapped by banana leaves and some kind of meats and papaya salad.

Eating steaming sticky rice, BBQ, Papaya salad with Mekong BBQ  Before in Battambang now moving to Phnom Penh. Contact for home delivery 012 706 031
Eating sticky rice, we believe that it will keep us full for very longer time than the normal rice, so that's why love people love having it as their main meal.

  Also let enjoy with the video below and don't forget to try it when you come and visit Cambodia.


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