Try visiting Stung Treng province, a northern region of Cambodia

Stung Treng province is one of provinces of Cambodia located in its Northern region where bordered with Lao, Ratanakiri, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Preah Vihea province and now has been promoted to be one of cities in Cambodia.

Stung Treng province map by

Top 5 places in Stung Treng, Cambodia, where most people visited during Khmer New Year 2015

Stung Treng has 5 districts and surfaced by a lot of forest zones around. The population is the smallest if comparing to other provinces of Cambodia.

Camp in the middle of Mekong river bank by Mekong bird resort photo

Stung Treng is an under developing town and small town but full of natural potentialities, located along four main rivers conjunction in the region, Sekong, Sesan, Sre Pork and Mekong together.

Today, Stung Treng has been not too attractive to many local and outsiders to come and visit because of its slow development, but instead tourists just have passed by for short period and head to Lao right away.

Even though as I mentioned, Stung Treng, there is a place where many natural resources and potentialities hidden.

In this post I would suggest all of you to try visiting Stung Treng if you are visiting Cambodia around.

I would suggest you to watch this video and also do research more what you can do to visit Stung Treng town. There more way to do surprising things in this province.

Video by Mekong bird resort in Stung Treng

Some great pictures from Eco-tourism at Mekong River greatness in Stung Treng province photographed by Mekong bird resort

A great Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin by World Wildlife Fund

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