Best foreigners sing Khmer songs in Cambodia

Photo of Bryan Brittain

What made me so proud of these foreigners who have spent their life in Cambodia, I don't really
know about what works or businesses they have done, but the thing is they seemed love our culture and art.

This morning, I woke up and just check quickly on my Facebook and I saw a post from a friend of mine sharing some guys who I can say they are very pretty good in Khmer language both speaking and singing. It prompted my mind what keeping me not write to praise and admire them of being the best in my culture and language.

Ok, do not wait for it, just come to watch and listen to their best performance, I know maybe you can't even understand any in my language, but hope you will enjoy it and will be proud of them with me.

1- Just Two of Us by Bryan Brittain - Cambodian Cowboy

He's lived in Cambodian for two years now, He's from America, a missionary and who loves Cambodia. Enjoy with him.

2- Oh, Battambang in my heart

I didn't know the original one. And so I didn't know the name of this guys, but just thanks for loving our culture and songs. Your masterpiece are best and I really love your song and music. If anyone knew the original of this video, please let comment for it. These guys named their group Octopus team

3- Money is big for today

Money: I also didn't know this group and their production is looked not in Cambodia and the songs is not really the way of Cambodia. It should be "remix" way, but so proud of them in singing in our language and remix them very well. Please comment for their original source. Thanks

4- I came in like a wrecking ball

It is a remix English and Khmer language. It seemed made not in Cambodia studio. Love the way she sang and the melody of the song. Let check the original friend and share in Comment. Thanks

5- Last Year by Khmer American couple

This song was very popular in 1980s, so when I listened to this song, it reminds me to that time, it's my favorite song. Please share your comment if you know the original. Thanks

Thanks to foreigners who those love our Cambodian culture and song and all the best to you all.

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