Best What Cambodian / Khmer people do during Khmer New Year 2017 celebration

As you knew that in the Khmer New Year there are a lot of traditional and cultural things are performed and played during this time and people are happy and enjoyed a lot of things with family and friends.

Now, this big festival are finished and I would love to gather some activities that Khmer, Cambodian people had done during these three day Khmer New Year celebration.

So, hope all of you will enjoy and get to know more about Khmer New Year and how Cambodian / Khmer people to celebrate? and what Cambodian people do in the Khmer New Year?

Most popular games are played in the Khmer New Year
Best pictures from Angkor Sangkrata, Siem Reap 2017 

Children had their parents or grandparents a shower

People enjoyed playing traditional games

People thrown water and powdered in the street

Meeting and partying with family and friend

The big dancing event in Phnom Penh

People went far away to resorts around in Cambodia


Happy Khmer New Year 2017 last night at Pub street, Siem Reap Cambodia

All these videos are collected from friends who posted them on Facebook. Thanks you! and Happy New Year to all of you :-)

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