How to travel Cambodia supper cheap !! Budget travel tips

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Travel from countries to countries is the most favorite things everyone wish for I believe it so. For me, I have wished myself I could travel to some of the countries around the world, but my wishes seem can not be true. The big obstacle is our budgets. But anyways, I could make it to some my neighboring countries.

When we travel, the most important thing we need to do, it must be our budgeting, sometimes we do not really need to have supper money to travel, the things we need is how to know some budgeting information of where we are going to go and we start to prepare and plan our budget through that.

Here we are talking about how to travel Cambodia with supper cheap, that is the budget travel tips if you would like to visit Cambodia the kingdom of wonder.

Actually, there are many websites you would search for it, and they are written about the budget information to Cambodia, on how must it costs to travel to Cambodia.

How much money will you need in Cambodia?

The link above, I linked it to a websites that tell you a little bit detail about budget plan to travel to Cambodia, that's all about accommodation, transportations, foods, entertainments...etc.

And I also collect some practical budget using on travel cheap around Cambodia from youtubers who have travelled to Cambodia and budget travel tips were filmed and made in reality.

So, I hope this you will find somethings helpful to your travel Cambodia plan, especially on the budget things.

It would be great and awesome if we can spend less but we as well enjoy our trip and fulfill our wishes in traveling around the world and here Cambodia.

So let check them out! Thanks

The video filmed by Gabriel Traveler

The video filmed by Monkey Abroad for Phnom Penh budgeting

Sihanouk Ville travel

Siem Reap travel

So, these videos I hope they will be helpful for all of you to make budget plan and what to expend on and for when travelling to Cambodia. Wish you have a good time and enjoy Cambodia...:-)

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