Top Khmer the most popular games to play in Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year 2017 is coming very soon this week. Khmer New Year is one of the big festival and holiday in Cambodia. All workplaces both private and public are allowed to have 3 days or 7 days holidays according to workplaces set, but the state rule is only 3 day-holiday.

The Khmer New Year is the happiest holiday and festival that all Cambodian people have time to be with family and celebrate the traditional things and its culture representation.

So, in here I would like to bring one of many Cambodian culture in Khmer New Year celebration is popular games that usually are played and celebrated during the Khmer New Year each year.

Here the top traditional games are played in Khmer New Year celebration:

Compilation of Games are played in Khmer New Year
Leak Konseng ( Towel hiding behind)

Teagn Praot ( String pulling)

Pongrot koun Kramom

Monkey tag

Chhoung throwing

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