Top 10 best senior and executive position jobs in Cambodia - Salaries > 1000 US$ dollars

 Source: Baker Communications
In Cambodia there are thousand of jobs that could provide you a better salaries, especially in Phnom Penh city as its heart of Cambodia. There are many people living and working in Phnom Penh, and the best place where a lot of jobs you can find.
Would like to find the senior and executive position job in Cambodia?
You come to the right place. Below all the top 10 best senior and executive position job in Cambodia that could provide you a higher or the highest salaries and also the places where you can seek for these job.
The places with higher salaries-rate mostly can be found in Phnom Penh city, the best place one, Siem Reap province, where there are many tourists head there yearly, Kandal province, Sihanouk Ville, Battambang and Kampot or Keb.
So, here are the high level positions with salaries >1000$

Payroll Manager
Phnom Penh | $1000 - $1300

Industrial Engineer
Kandal | $1,800~$2,200

Marketing Coordinator
Phnom Penh
Production Executive
Phnom Penh | $2,000 - $2,800
Operational Risk and Compliance Manager
Phnom Penh | $1000-$2000
Kampong Chhnang... | $2000
General Manager - Hotels
Phnom Penh | Above $4,500
Chief Engineer
Recruitment & Training Manager
Phnom Penh | $700 - $1300
Chief Financial Officer
Battambang $2000-$3500

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