Cambodia Amazing Things - Incredible happened and beautiful

In the post, I just would to like collect some of the most amazing things that had and happened around Cambodia during the longest holidays a few weeks ago Pjum Benh festival.

So let enjoy the amazing of Cambodia now:

The rainbow at Angkor Wat Temple

This happened just in the most amazing places that attracting a lot foreigners to visit is in Siem Reap province, Angkor Wat temple.

This amazing event was shot by Poleu Chhouen. It was about the rainbow just rose up beautifully over Angkor Wat, the most wonder of Cambodia. It made the temple look very amazing beyond to say.

Let watch it! 

Jelly flower in the wood

I used to see these flowers in the wood sometimes but not too many like that! Amazing that, it was found and it gave a lot of joy to many people who got there! I love it too

Sunset at Angkor Wat temple, Siem Reap

The best sunset shot at Angkor Wat temple! Just heard a thousand times is not like to see directly once, said of cameraman shot this picture. It showed about the amazing thing of Khmer ancestor who masterminded to build the temple. Amazing and let enjoy

The most beautiful flower spot in Cambodia

you don't feel amazing, you do! a spot of sunflowers. It was found in Pai Lin, the last stronghold of Pol Pot ( Khmer rouge) regime, but now turned to be yellow with the sunflower's beauty.

Let's enjoy

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