Wedding, Parties and Social wear dresses for girl, Cambodia

These dresses are traditionally worn in the morning of the wedding ceremony, for guest only

Cambodia, there are a lot of thing unique, such as in here we try to collect its beauty of the fashion and design dresses, traditionally, stylishly and modernly as its unique one.

These Cambodian girl dresses are collected as below, is for wedding, parties or special events that celebrate in Cambodia, that required girls, women to wear it out! They are the wedding, parties, social wear dresses for girl, woman in Cambodia.

In Khmer, Cambodian culture and tradition, girls women have to wear and have these kind of dresses for joining in the wedding, wedding reception, officially social parties...etc.

These are the wedding reception wear dresses for girl

They are made of different special cloth materials and some of them can be costed expensively. Some rich girls, women they spent expensively on these dresses habitually as beautiful and expensive dresses is presenting their face and honor.

Read a little bit about how and what Cambodian wear and do in the wedding:

The Cambodian Wedding, and How girls dress for it
Foreigner want to marry Cambodian wife or husband legally, what need to know

So, I would like everyone to take a watch on the video and you may learn and enjoy with it about Cambodian unique the wedding, social event officially wear dresses for girl as below:

And take a watch a short video about how does the wedding look like in Cambodia, you properly enjoy and amaze about it!You also will see how is the wedding wear dresses for girl, especial guests who joined in the wedding!


  1. Beautiful dresses! I saw such dresses recently in an exhibition in one of the New York Event Venues. Such exhibitions even have flower arrangements and decoration ideas for weddings. Your blog is really nice and you do have a good taste in dresses.


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