Look at where people have been to in Cambodia - Update Where to go in Stung Treng 2018

Would you like to know the updated travel places where people have been to in Cambodia especially in updated where to go in Stung Treng province of Cambodia, we gonna bring you the updated travel attracted places to go in this province.

Stung Treng province is more than 400 km from Phnom Penh city to the North-West, where is the highland location of the country. And also it has a lot of natural resources and potentiality to serve tourists around the province.


When dry season comes, it is time, the province of Stung Treng shows off potential places to serve all local tourists and international tourists with its beauty for relaxation.

So, we would like to pile the updated places in Stung Treng province where most people have been to and would like to go:

BOPHA PLORK  (បុប្ផាភ្លុក)

It's located a long the Sesan River in Sesan district about 25 km from the Stung Treng town. It's a place where there are many relaxation Kios (small cottages built on the water) are built on the water so that people can hire and spend time for relaxation, eating and swimming there.


It's located in the middle of the Mekong River. It's one of a few new relaxation places set up for this recently year.

Take a watch the video below you will see all about K Island!


This island is also located in the middle of Mekong River, but it's a little far from K island upward Mekong river bank. It's a nice natural places and the best place to relax and camping.

The community are in charge to prepare for your stay up there, especial for camping! A lot of people have been there for the last few month 2017-2018.

Let take a look on that :




It's just not a new place, but it has developed a lot by a company, infrastructure around the place have been developed, homestays and guesthouse have been built.. So, just let watch and see as below:


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