Unique fruit - The organic honey pineapples in Stung Treng province

Honey Pineapple, the unique fruit in Stung Treng town, province - Cambodia!
This article will be for everyone come across Stung Treng town, province and wondering what is the unique things can be found in the town or around it. I believe when we travel to a place or town we are so excited to see and try everything unique of those places.

There are many seasonal farming products across this town/ province, where villagers have grown them for making life! such as what I am picking one here from my friend post is the unique sweet and organic honey pineapple that have been considered to be the best and sweetest pineapple in this town and no other provinces to grow.

So here what my friend mentioned:

Dear Pineapple fans!
It's such a great time to test the organic delicious honey pineapples in this season. These honey pineapples are brought from the organic pineapples farm in Chhvang, Stung Treng.

According to my surveys to the farmers, these honey pineapples are about a year or a year and half to grow depend on the seasons and watering systems. Farmers are working so hard on this task.

Today I'd like to share a little advertising on these juicy pineapples. You can find and buy them at markets of these three provinces within 2$ or 3$ in each depend on their sizes.

The Season to be found: April - June 

Below, you will see the locations to buy.
1. Stung Treng (close to Metfone showroom)
2. Kratie (close to Prepsor roundabout)
3. Ratanakiri (close to Metfone showroom)

Through the health sites, pineapple contains a lot vitamins and nutritious that is good for health. So, here bellow are its benefits to human's health:
  • Immune system support
  • Bone strength
  • Eye health
  • Digestion
  • Anti-Inflammatory benefits
  • Blood clot reduction
  • Common cold and sinus inflammation
Read more about its benefits:  Pineapple's benefits for health

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